Ukipolis Ltd.

The Ukipolis Technology Centre aims to strengthen the Vakka-Suomi region as an operating environment that attracts business and professionals, and seeks to support new and existing innovative companies. Ukipolis fosters such environments in which companies can grow and provides business development services including business incubator program.

Local Enterprise Agency

Ukipolis is a licensed memeber on Finnish Enterprise Agencies (Uusyrityskeskus). Mr. Esa Kerkola helps private persons to make businessplans and profitability calculations etc. You can also have help with startup grants and funding.

Business development services for existing companies

This service is intended for such companies that want to grow or become more efficient. Ukipolis staff has a wide knowledge of many different areas of business and has a wide network of expertise available. In terms of organising external funding, businesses can use funding sources offered by official services such as the ELY-centre, Tekes and Finnvera.


For more information, please contact
Managing Director
Katariina Torvinen
Tel. +35840 5136892